Turkey ranks 10th in the world in gold reserves

Turkey ranks 10th in the world in gold reserves

The World Gold Council issued the list of countries with the highest gold reserves as of February 2018.

Turkey ranked 10th in the world, the size of gold reserves, with a reserve of 564.8 tons, in February, according to the World Gold Council.

Turkey has been among the top 15 countries in the gold reserves for years, but Turkish experts have predicted that gold reserves will continue to increase in Turkey in the coming years.

The United States topped the list with 8,133 tons, followed by Germany with 3,337 tons and Italy with 2,000 and 451 tons. France ranked fourth on the list with a volume of 2,336,4 tons, followed by China with 1,242 tons.

The World Gold Council is an organization working to develop the gold industry market and aims to stimulate and sustain global demand for the yellow metal, based in the UK.